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Chris Raines

Performance Marketing Manager
Chris Raines

Chris Raines is one of GoEpps’ closest partners and oldest friends. With nearly a decade of experience working with the team, he brings in-depth advertising knowledge, invaluable results, and a focus on continuous improvement in his role as Performance Marketing Manager.

Education & Work Experience

When Chris first started working with the company in 2012, he was primarily involved in video marketing. A degree in Electronic Media from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and 13 years of experience in broadcasting provided the knowledge and experience he needed to open his own video marketing company. Though he enjoyed the work, he grew frustrated with the inability to see the results from his work. Many of his clients struggled to effectively use their videos to improve business, leaving them buried on YouTube without any real benefit to the company. To help bridge this gap, Chris shifted his focus from video marketing to paid digital advertising. As he began tackling new projects, his work with GoEpps also shifted. He began working on advertising campaigns, eventually becoming responsible for running, managing, and launching digital advertising for all of their clients.

Work & Values

Though Chris works for himself, he’s a long-term, close member of the team. So close, in fact, that his office is located in the suite next door. He works closely with team members and clients to maintain GoEpps quick turnaround times and excellent work. He’s always appreciated the company’s clear expectations and client-centered values and works to provide the same for his clients. Advertising is key to maintaining leads and sales, so he is dedicated to constantly improving results.

In digital advertising, experimentation is the key to success. Chris spends much of his days analyzing results from campaigns and making small adjustments to maximize the number of leads he can get within the client’s budget. Whether he’s working with video, Google search, or social media advertising, he is always focused on eliminating waste and exploiting every available opportunity to improve performance. He aims to provide unmatched, indispensable value in every project he completes. Even when results surpass client expectations, he continues to look for ways to do better.

Chris’ work is often incredibly technical, involving data and metrics that can be hard to understand and usually lack value to the client. When creating his weekly reports or responding to client questions, he focuses on clear, valuable information. Clients always know exactly what is happening with their campaigns and how they are performing - in ways they can understand and communicate. This led him to work with GoEpps to develop dashboards that allow clients to see and understand marketing metrics in a single glance. In every task and project he handles, Chris ensures clients have the best results, highest ROI, and most effective data for the lowest cost.

Fun Facts & Personal Preferences

When Chris isn’t working with data in the office, he’s usually at home, playing referee to his two young sons. At home, he spends his time reading bedtime stories, building with Legos, getting his boys to school, and exploring the world at the Adventure Science Center. He also enjoys taking his wife on their bi-monthly dates for dinner, a movie, or drinks. He’s been a music fan for a long time, though he’s no longer an active band member. Instead, he enjoys playing his bass guitar at his church on Sunday mornings.

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