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Get inbound links from maps and apps.

Inbound Links
Inbound Links

Inbound Links

Have you ever used an app to find a service you need? Maybe you used a foodie app to find the best vegan restaurant in your area. Or maybe you searched for an auto parts store and found your answer in the Google maps search result, without even scrolling through the top business website results.

Maps and apps provide a valuable new way to drive traffic to your website and services, as long as you use them correctly.

Are You Findable?

The first step to becoming visible on apps and maps is to ensure these tools can find your business. We’ll use our SEO expertise to perfect your website architecture and content, helping search engines rank your business high on search results pages. As your website’s relevance increases, your placement in app results will also improve.

We work to fully understand your audience to know where they’ll be and how they will try to find you. Whether using a maps tool or an app, you can trust that your customers can find your business when they need you.

How DodgeballSEO Can Help

Google leads search engines in popularity, so we will optimize your Google My Business profile. We will either create or go through your profile to make sure your information is complete and up-to-date. This includes your profile image, hours of operation, service area, phone number, key business attributes, and a link to your website.

Most importantly, this profile houses your Google reviews, an integral tool for marketing success. As part of our SEO services, we provide monthly Google My Business management to ensure an active and positive presence.

Simply having a Google My Business profile isn’t enough. You need a profile that quickly answers any potential questions and shows potential customers that you are their best choice for their current need.

Our team offers the SEO experience and knowledge to help you reach qualified leads through every available channel. Get started today!


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